How does the loan for MEI work?

Hiring a loan to make the investment in the company may be a good option for MEIs. Understand how microenterprise credit can be an alternative to boosting your business.

Who is an individual microenterprise (MEI) knows the great challenges that arise when managing one’s own business. Many of these challenges even require investments to take place. How to keep activities running smoothly without raising working capital, for example? You really can’t, right?

At such times, the question is often: How do I make the money necessary to invest in my business? Opting for a loan is an alternative that usually saves the business of many MEIs. The next step is to choose the ideal microenterprise loan modality.

At this point, it is important to find a credit option that is right for your need. If you need a faster and cheaper loan, alternatives such as secured home loan may be your best option.


When researching Loan for MEI, look for:

When researching Loan for MEI, look for:

Matching incomes like Individuals and Individuals can be attractive to those looking for a more flexible credit analysis. At QCredi, for example, you can hire as a PF and use bank statement and income tax for both individuals and businesses to prove your income . It gets a lot easier, doesn’t it?


Agility in the process

Are you in a hurry to have the money in hand? Opting for online credit saves many bank trips and makes it easier throughout the process. After all, running your business takes a lot of time and that’s something you can’t afford to lose out there.


MEI Loan: Healthy Credit for Enterprise Investment

Loan: Healthy Credit for Enterprise Investment

If you can pay less, why pay more? In arrangements where you present a collateral as a real estate, interest rates are much lower . Combined with extended payment terms , monthly installments are lower than in traditional modalities like overdraft and credit card.

Are you looking for the best microenterprise loan option ? How about hiring QCredi’s secured property credit and securing your investment in the company? Here you can borrow between $ 30,000 to $ 2 million, with rates starting at 0.99% per month. Make a simulation now and guarantee the best loan conditions.