Loan for Your Car

If you need fast money and have a car, the company Godechele is willing to give you the credit you need, pawning the car, but with the particularity that you can continue using the car as before. This method of granting you a loan for your car is spreading quickly in the credit landscape and there are already several companies that offer money loans leaving your car as a guarantee.

Putting as a guarantee the car to obtain the amount of money necessary to face any unforeseen is a modality that more and more consumers are using that need to get money quickly.

It is already very common to find in our windshields the publicity of a company that is dedicated to lend money on condition that you insist on your car, that is to say that you give as guarantee that you will return the requested money. Among the companies specialized in granting you credit for your car , Godechele stands out.

Loan for your car: Godechele

Loan for your car: Godechele

One of the most well-known companies that offer money loans in exchange for putting your car as a guarantee is Godechele, which means that many people are already related to car endeavors.

In a schematic way, the conditions are:

  • The term of return of the money is from 1 to 12 months
  • The interest rate is from 7% per month
  • There are no additional charges or commissions
  • The loan amount goes from 500 to 15,000 euros
  • They do not demand that you stop using your car or deliver it
  • You get it in less than 24 hours
  • For more information enter here on his website

Answers to how to get credit for your car with Godechele

Answers to how to get credit for your car with Godechele
  • Can the money be returned before the deadline?

Yes and with the addition that you will not be charged for any additional amount.

  • What are the ways to repay the loan?

You return it by means of the agreed monthly installments. There are two possibilities, the first is to pay the interest fixed each month and in the end pay the principal capital and the second is to pay the loan gradually every month.

  • What is the processing process?

You make the request, they make an appraisal of your car (without economic charge for you) and they make you a proposal, if you accept it, only the agreement would be signed by both parties.

  • What documentation do you require for car loans?

You have to present the DNI or NIE, the technical file of the car and the registration certificate of the vehicle you wish to pawn. Remember that the car is really a guarantee that you put that you will return the money within the agreed time.

The car pawns are more and more frequent among consumers because it is a very easy and fast way to get money for your car without doing much paperwork or unnecessary paperwork.

Pawning the car and continue using it until a few years ago was unthinkable but the evolution of the economy and the quest to satisfy the needs of people who need money urgently has encouraged the emergence of several companies that carry out this type of loan putting the car as collateral or guarantee.